At Octoblu, we pride ourselves in supporting as much of our built-in API’s as possible. However, we had some serious issues getting Twitter’s API to function the way we’d expect. POST Content-type encoding Most modern REST API’s will take a look at your request’s Content-type header. If the Content-type is declared as application/json, then the… Read Article →

At Octoblu, we recently ran into an interesting problem with Angular.JS. We have an html panel that contains an Angular Directive. The code looks a little something like this: The issue that we ran in to is this: we swap out the model represented by myModel all the time. On initialization, the directive’s controller sets… Read Article →

I love music, and I travel a bunch. I use Rdio for pretty much all my music, but since it’s a subscription streaming service, it doesn’t work too great when you leave the comfy confines of the city for the 3G-less wastelands between them. Rdio allows you to do an offline sync, but it’s a… Read Article →

I was working with a team on some creating some basic website performance monitoring capabilities. We had got our implementation working, but couldn’t get it to show up any website as ‘slow’. Try as we might, nobody could think of a website that would trigger such a result. Suggestions included everything from to… Read Article →

At Integrum, we ran in to a situation where we had to upload a file from the Android file system to an FTP server. We found that documentation on the matter was rather sparse so I decided to post about our solution.

I’ve recently been reading Foundations of Agile Python Development and tried the PyDev plugin for Eclipse at its recommendation. I had been under the impression that the plugin was still rather immature but have since been pleasantly surprised. Besides unexpected stability, PyDev even has support for writing Django applications. There was, however, one issue with… Read Article →

The desktop background switcher included with Karmic Koala has a cool feature, a wallpaper slideshow that rotates images at a predetermined interval. However, getting it to cycle through your own set of images isn’t exactly user friendly. In order to get a sequence of images to display, the wallpaper picker must be supplied with an… Read Article →

I am currently the president of Women in Computer Science, a student organization at Arizona State University. One of the things the WCS does is go to various high schools in the area and talk about the field of computer science to students that are trying to figure out their college majors. Recently, we have… Read Article →

I found a great solution to the shell in vim problem. Namely, don’t have a shell in vim. Instead, I’ve been using Terminator. Terminator allows you to quickly split the terminal window either vertically or horizontally, much in the same way as vim’s sp and vsp commands. This way I can run vim in the… Read Article →

I’ve been looking for a good shell-in-vim solution. Emacs does it pretty well, but I’d rather stick with VIM since I’ve been using it as my primary editor for a while. The two solutions I’ve found so far are vimsh and vim-shell. I’ve gotten vimsh to do what I’d like to do., but there are… Read Article →

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