Judd Jacobs says some funny stuff

Judd Jacobs is a guy on our Go Daddy Reseller team. He’s constantly drop little bits of wisdom, such as:

You might just want to take the venn out of the diagram

Suppressed is like depressed but they got sus’d instead

You should keep an eye on Judd Jacobs, so you don’t miss any of the wisdom.

Rails Authentication with Devise

I recently gave a presentation on using Devise as the authentication mechanism for Rails 3 applications at the January 25th Phoenix Rails User Group meeting. The slides are available at the following link: authentication with devise.

The following topics are covered:

As a bonus, I created a simple rails application on github with devise all set up. All of the covered topics have been implemented in a separate branches so you merge in the features you want or diff between the branches to see all the things that need to be modified to activate that feature.

The presentation itself was recorded, and is available on Vimeo.

Uploading a file to FTP with Android

At Integrum, we ran in to a situation where we had to upload a file from the Android file system to an FTP server. We found that documentation on the matter was rather sparse so I decided to post about our solution.

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Eclipse plugin for running Django tests.

I’ve recently been reading Foundations of Agile Python Development and tried the PyDev plugin for Eclipse at its recommendation. I had been under the impression that the plugin was still rather immature but have since been pleasantly surprised. Besides unexpected stability, PyDev even has support for writing Django applications. There was, however, one issue with the plugin that I had some umbrage with. Although there are shortcut/run configuration possibilities for running Python Unittests and even the  Django test suite, there was no way (that I found) to run individual tests without creating a custom run configuration for each one.

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Ubuntu wallpaper slideshow

The desktop background switcher included with Karmic Koala has a cool feature, a wallpaper slideshow that rotates images at a predetermined interval. However, getting it to cycle through your own set of images isn’t exactly user friendly. In order to get a sequence of images to display, the wallpaper picker must be supplied with an xml file with the following structure:
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Incomplete Wikipedia

I am currently the president of Women in Computer Science, a student organization at Arizona State University. One of the things the WCS does is go to various high schools in the area and talk about the field of computer science to students that are trying to figure out their college majors. Recently, we have switched our presentation style from a static, boring power point to something more along the lines of an anti-conference. We have students shout out topics that they are interested in and we discuss them as they relate to computer science, ASU and college life in general. One of the things that always gets me is when the subject of Wikipedia comes up.

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Shell in VIM Solved

I found a great solution to the shell in vim problem. Namely, don’t have a shell in vim. Instead, I’ve been using Terminator. Terminator allows you to quickly split the terminal window either vertically or horizontally, much in the same way as vim’s sp and vsp commands. This way I can run vim in the top half and my interpreter in the bottom half. This has worked very well while programming in Python and Lisp. It’s also not dependent on the vim build or the plugins installed on vim. I can run vim and the interpreter remotely via parallel SSH sessions.

Shell in VIM

I’ve been looking for a good shell-in-vim solution. Emacs does it pretty well, but I’d rather stick with VIM since I’ve been using it as my primary editor for a while. The two solutions I’ve found so far are vimsh and vim-shell. I’ve gotten vimsh to do what I’d like to do., but there are some problems, discussed below, that prevent it from being an ideal solution.
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Avatar Trailer

Just got around to watching the new Avatar Trailer. It seems interesting that most blogs, news and social media sites on the net dislike the trailer, yet the comments on the news sites (such as slashdot) seem to be generally in favor of the trailer and anticipate the movie. It seemed, for a while, that science fiction movies had gone out of style. I’m glad to see that movies like District 9 are a box office success and investors are making a return on their money. I hope we continue to see original takes on the SciFi genre in the next few years. One of my major problems with the movie industry’s take on the genre is their need to make every SciFi movie an action movie. I rather like some of the older movies that address more philosophical and social issues of dealing with extraterrestrial life or advanced technology, such as Stanley Kubric’s 2001, Contact or many of the Star Trek: TNG episodes.

New Hosting Provider

Just switched to a new hosting provider, MediaTemple. I have worked with MediaTemple several times in the past while working at Translucent Developments and have always had good luck with their service. I’m hoping that their Django support is a little better than GoDaddy (It should be, considering that DjangoProject is hosted by mediatemple).